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If you have an idea...

If you have an idea...

We can vet it for you. If the idea requires a digital solution, we can help you determine if you'll need a full team, a partial team, or a temporary plan to accomplish your goals. We've worked with various businesses and individuals over the years and generally do no recommend working with us if you're not serious about eventually putting in place a full-scale team around your solution. Although we are available to assist you in vetting the beginning stages of your vision, we will only continue to work with someone prepared to build their solution into a operations scale technology organization.

If you're prepared and serious, we're prepared and serious too.

If you're not serious and won't benefit from our help in getting you there, we'll tell you quickly that we can't help you accomplish your goals.

From past experience, this is better for you and for us. About 10% of projects go on to become functioning enterprises.

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